“PULL !”

Also known as sporting, skeet or ball-trap, this activity is a delight for enthusiasts regardless of their skill level

From the most earnest shooter to the person wanting to get to know our marvelous sport, the Roue du Roy Shooting Club offers you all that is needed to live an exceptional shooting and social experience in a magnificent setting.

Courses with unparalleled shooting options: sporting and supersporting, skeet, trap, and five-stand;

Installations adapted to the skill of the shooter: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert;

High-performance equipment from leading brands;

Meters allowing for the addition of a 1 to 5 seconds lag for individual shooting;

Clay target equipment with an increasing level of difficulty: 110, 108, 90, or 60 mm;

Experienced instructors;

Shotgun rental;

Sale of the best brands of shells and clay targets.



Live with us the experience you are looking for.

With its quality installations – 22 stations, 3 for skeet, a five-stand on 2 levels – the Club offers a wide range of clay target shooting options to satisfy shooters of all skill levels.

Sporting and Supersporting
The mobile launchers allow a maximum of different shooting options. Shooters meet new challenges every time.

The stationary launchers, located at different heights, throw the targets on precise and constant trajectories. The course presents 8 shooting stations.

One of the oldest and most well-known types of clay target shooting. The clay targets are thrown in front of the shooter with random trajectories on the left or the right.

Five Stand
The Five-stand regroups five shooting stations. Multiple launchers throw targets from various positions. Shooters move to each of the five stations to shoot at multiple target combinations. You live a “Sporting” experience without the hassle. The 2 level structure is unique in Quebec.